Enter the exciting world of animation. Improve your skills and career opportunities in the animation industry with our 3D animation courses.

Learn the creative aspects and finer nuances of animation, starting from pre-production to post production, including storyboarding and character animation. At MAAC we design courses, which equip you with necessary creative skills and build your technical knowledge.

3D Animation Programs

Our 3D animation courses are:

  • AD3DEDGE – Advanced Program in 3D Animation For those who consider 3D animation their true calling, AD3D Edge is the answer. It covers all the aspects of 3D animation, starting from pre-production to the post production stages of animation film making

  • D3D – Professional Program in 3D Animation Learn all the aspects of animation to transform from an amateur to a full-fledged 3D artist. DAFM – Program in Animation Filmmaking A fast-track course where you will learn all aspects of animation film making.

  • Design VizPro – Program in Architectural Design Learn digital design, 3D design, architectural visualization, interactive walk-through and more in the field of design visualization.

From flying cars to flying superheroes! Create high-quality visual effects (VFX) for films, TV, advertisements & games with MAAC’s VFX courses.

The VFX industry in India is growing phenomenally, with almost every movie these days using VFX. This has led to a demand for trained professionals. At MAAC, we design courses, which train you in the fundamentals and technical skills required to be a successful VFX artist.

VFX (Visual Effects) Programs

Our VFX courses are:

  • ADVFX – Advanced Program in VFX A comprehensive career course that covers all aspects of visual effects, right from the basics to the advanced levels. Receive the best of training and industry exposure under top faculty members from India’s leading studios.

  • VFX Plus – Professional Program in VFX An intensive course that focuses on the aesthetic & technical processes of VFX. Study a detailed curriculum, along with studio-like learning experience, to excel in the VFX industry.

  • S3D – Job-Ready Program in Stereoscopic 3D Master the latest technology of 3D film making, which is picking up fast within the country and globally. This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of the process, as well as a strong knowledge of practical, hands-on experience of 3D film making and editing.

Prepare for creative careers. Build a career in web designing, graphics, and print & publishing.

MAAC’s graphic design and multimedia courses train you in understanding how images, symbols, words and letters together can be used as an effective means of communication and portray the appropriate message.

Join one of our graphic design & multimedia courses and explore opportunities in national and international studios.

Graphic Design & Multimedia Programs

Our Graphic Design & Multimedia courses are:

  • DPW3D – Program in Print, Web and 3D Animation Program in Print Web and 3D Animation makes you an expert in building state-of-the-art print, web, and 3D animation content for different platforms and audiences.

  • APDMD – Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design A career course offering a comprehensive understanding of responsive web design, 2D animation & print.

  • DGWA – Programs in Graphics, Web and 2D Animation A comprehensive course covering various aspects of graphics, web design & 2D animation. This 12 months rigorous program ensures you are well-versed with all aspects of design and 2D animation.

  • DGA – Programs in Graphics & Animation This career program trains students to become professionals in the world of graphics and animation. The DGA program is prepared by MAAC to meet the growing demand for professional designers, teaching the latest techniques of motion graphic, interactive design, 3D & page layout.

Make work as fun as play! Create your own games for PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets!

Bring your vision of exciting characters, creatures and environment to life in next-generation, interactive gaming environments. As a game designer you will plan and execute all the aspects of the game and bring it to life.

Game Designing Course

Our Gaming course is:

  • DGDI – Program in Game Design & Integration.

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